Meet Rechama



From my personal experience, I understand the struggles of plus size women around the world. In my own surroundings, I found it hard to find clothes that I felt confident and beautiful in. I felt the need to address the problem placed in front of me. I could not have been the only one having this issue over and over again. At first, I was quite hesitant and nervous. However, a leap of faith and confidence guided me to create Drama in 2018.  My motto was to never look back and always be moving forward. I sketched out my ideal wardrobe and soon enough found the perfect fabric. I have combined luxury fabrics and current fashion to produce styles that form the perfect wardrobe. I established high standards for the apparel that I design and manufacture. From basic tops and skirts to evening dress wear, Drama has it all. The goal of Drama is to make every woman feel confident and beautiful in what she is wearing. With the right outfit, any woman should feel fabulous. There is no such thing as compromising or settling in Drama. I demand fit, style, and only pleasure when wearing Drama. To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. Every woman deserves to feel fearless and beautiful.