How It All Began

Everyone wants to know; how did Drama begin?

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself.

For me, finding clothing that was fashionable and fit me was a constant struggle. I truly understand the strain of plus size women across the globe. I did not feel comfortable going into various stores, knowing their clothing would not suit my body. I found it hard to find clothes that fit, while also making me feel beautiful. Often, I would find something that was not in style and search for something to make it an outfit. I found myself at the seamstress’s weekly. However, I knew I was not the first or the last person with this dilemma. I knew I was not alone! I knew many other individuals who faced the same issue. There was and still is a demand for fashionable plus size clothing. I contemplated repeatedly; can I do something about this? The fact that I had this problem, made me feel that I was here to act. I wanted to tackle the problem. After conversing with various manufacturers, I was ready. With confidence and a leap of faith, I created Drama in 2018. Soon enough, I was sketching designs, choosing fabrics, and then sampling sizes! It was like an equation; I combined my love for fashion with luxurious fabrics and got beautiful results. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have two very supporting parents. The entire first year of Drama I served my customers from their home basement! It was hard at times running a company from my parents’ basement, but it was a great start.

‘Til next week!


Rechama / Drama Mama